Navigating the vast world of commercial remodeling? Let OVI General Contracting be your compass. With a legacy steeped in quality workmanship, we’re the trusted name for all things related to commercial remodels in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, and Eagle.

With an extensive portfolio, our expertise spans all types of commercial space – be it revamping commercial bathrooms, breathing new life into aged commercial buildings, or infusing modern touches to elevate the overall look of your space. Our commercial remodeling contractors are not just professionals; they are artisans who believe in turning visions into reality.

Whether you’re thinking about a complete overhaul or a subtle touch-up, we offer a myriad of services:

Office renovations

updating office spaces with new flooring, painting, lighting, and furniture to improve the overall look and feel of the space.

Restaurant remodeling

updating the kitchen and dining areas to meet the latest health and safety standards, improve the dining experience, and increase efficiency.

Hotel renovations

upgrading guest rooms, public spaces, and amenities to provide a better experience for guests and increase competitiveness.

Multi-family complex renovations

upgrading common areas, landscaping, and amenities to attract residents and improve the overall look and feel of the complex.

Retail store renovations

upgrading the appearance and functionality of retail spaces with new fixtures, flooring, lighting, and displays.

Healthcare facility renovations

modernizing and improving the functionality of medical facilities with updated equipment, flooring, lighting, and wall treatments.

Educational facility renovations

improving the functionality and appearance of schools and universities with updated classrooms, labs, and common areas.

Our commitment doesn’t waver, whether it’s a sprawling commercial complex or a quaint boutique. At OVI General Contracting, our work speaks for itself. Let us redefine your commercial space, keeping it in line with contemporary trends while maintaining its unique character.