Self-performing general contractors offer a range of advantages over traditional contractors that can greatly benefit your construction project. From cost and quality efficiency, to dedicated craftsmen and innovative solutions, a self-performing contractor provides a single point of responsibility, increased control over the schedule, improved safety performance, and much more. Discover how hiring a self-performing contractor can help you achieve your goals faster and with less hassle. Read on to learn about all of the benefits that come with choosing a self-performing contractor for your next construction project.

Cost, Quality and Efficiency:

Achieve exceptional results while saving money with our unique combination of cost, quality and efficiency - only possible with a self-performing contractor.

Dedicated Craftsmen:

Take pride in the craftsmanship of our dedicated team of experts, who bring unparalleled skill and experience to every project.

Value Engineering:

Maximize your investment with our value engineering services, which ensure that you get the best results for your budget.

Single Point of Responsibility:

Eliminate the hassle and uncertainty of multiple contractors - with a single point of responsibility, your project will run smoothly from start to finish.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Stay nimble and adapt to changing circumstances with ease - our flexible approach means we're always ready to tackle any challenge.

Experienced Project Management:

Benefit from our wealth of experience and expertise in project management, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your project is in safe hands.

Increased Control Over Schedule:

Take control of your schedule and achieve your goals faster - with our increased control over the timeline, you'll enjoy a seamless project experience.

Reduced Subcontractor Dependency:

Enjoy a smoother, more efficient process with reduced dependence on subcontractors - our self-performing capabilities allow us to do more in-house.

Better Coordination and Communication:

Say goodbye to miscommunication and confusion - our team's excellent coordination and communication skills ensure a seamless project experience.

Improved Safety Performance:

Keep your project safe and secure with our commitment to safety performance - our strict safety protocols ensure everyone stays safe throughout the project."

Innovative Solutions:

Embrace the future with innovative solutions and technology integration - stay ahead of the curve and experience the latest in construction technology.

Customizable Solutions:

Design your project your way with our flexible, customizable solutions. We work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your project meets your unique needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your construction needs, look no further than OVI General Contracting. Our team of experienced professionals offers the advantages of a self-performing contractor, providing control, efficiency, and quality for every project, from Commercial Tenant Improvement to Apartment Turnover services and Commercial Remodeling. So why wait? Learn more about our services today and let’s get started turning your construction dreams into a reality!