At OVI General Contracting, we’re more than just tenant improvement contractors; we’re your partners in crafting a space that embodies your brand and aligns with your unique vision. Based in the heart of Idaho, our expertise spans cities like Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and beyond, making us a trusted choice in commercial tenant improvement for businesses across the treasure valley.

Tenant improvement, more than mere construction, is an art of transformation. It’s about taking a commercial space and molding it to mirror the aspirations and functionality a tenant envisions. Whether you’re a bustling retail store in Caldwell, an emerging startup in Eagle, or a modern office in Garden City, our specialized tenant improvement construction services ensure your space is both efficient and exquisitely tailored to your needs.

The essence of commercial tenant improvement lies in its adaptability. From simple cosmetic enhancements to intricate structural alterations, every project we undertake is delivered with utmost precision, keeping quality and customer satisfaction at the core. So, if you’re in Kuna, Emmett, Middleton, or any of our served locations, rest assured, OVI General Contracting is committed to transforming your commercial dreams into tangible realities. Your vision, combined with our craftsmanship, paves the way for spaces that inspire and invigorate.

What is Tenant Improvement?

Tenant Improvement involves making improvements to a commercial space, such as an office or retail store, to meet the unique needs of a tenant. These improvements can range from simple cosmetic changes to complex structural modifications and are typically performed by a general contractor. The objective is to create a functional, efficient, and attractive space that is tailored to the tenant’s requirements.

Our tenant improvement services include a range of construction and renovation options to upgrade or modify existing commercial spaces for new tenants. Our most popular Tenant Improvement services include:

Space Planning:

Our contractors will work with you to plan and design the space to make the most of its potential and meet your specific needs.

Electrical and Lighting Upgrades:

This includes adding new electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and switches to improve the functionality of the space.

Plumbing Upgrades:

This includes adding new plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, and shower stalls, as well as upgrading the existing plumbing system.

HVAC Upgrades:

This includes installing new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to improve the comfort and air quality of the space.

Flooring and Carpeting:

This involves installing new flooring, such as tile, hardwood, or carpet, to enhance the appearance of the space.

Wall Finishing:

This includes painting, wallpapering, or installing wallcoverings to improve the appearance of the space.

Window Treatments:

This includes installing new window coverings, such as blinds, shades, or curtains, to improve privacy and control light levels.

Millwork and Cabinetry:

This involves installing custom cabinetry and millwork to add storage and improve the functionality of the space.

ADA Compliance Upgrades:

This includes modifying the space to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, such as adding accessible ramps, doorways, and restrooms.

In every corner of Idaho, from the urban vibes of Boise to the vibrant streets of Meridian, OVI General Contracting stands as a beacon of excellence in commercial tenant improvement. We don’t just renovate spaces; we transform them into bespoke canvases that resonate with your brand’s ethos. Collaborate with us, and together, let’s usher in a new era of innovative and purpose-driven commercial spaces.